Sumitomo Rubber Ako Wind Blow In International Çankırı Salt Festival

Sumitomo Rubber Ako Wind Blow In International Çankırı Salt Festival

Underground Salt City Parking Lot Transformed Into Drift Track

The International Çankırı Salt Festival, which aims to introduce the Çankırı Underground salt city and Çankırı Salt to the world, was followed with great interest this year as well. Sumitomo Rubber AKO, one of the most important brands of the region, also supported the three-day giant organization, in which famous artists took the stage during the festival, as well as various cultural and sports events. Welcoming hundreds of guests at its stand established at the Industry Fair together with other industrial establishments of the region, Sumitomo Rubber AKO attracted great attention with its new products that introduced. The new model E.ZIEX, produced for electric vehicles, was introduced to the public for the first time at this event. Many people visited the stand to examine the new models, which received great interest from the guests, and had the opportunity to both examine the tires closely and get detailed information about the products.

Drift show, which was held within the scope of TUZFEST'23 activities in cooperation with Çankırı Municipality and Sumitomo Rubber AKO, also found a large number of spectators. The performances of Abbas Çimen and Örge Pamukçu, the pilots of Driftherapy, Turkey's most active drift show team, of which Sumitomo Rubber AKO is the main sponsor with the Falken brand, left their mark on the festival.

First, Subaru BRZ and Drift Pilot Abbas Çimen accompanied Çankırı Governor Mustafa Fırat Taşolar, Toyota GT86 and Drift Pilot Örge Pamukçu accompanied Çankırı Mayor İsmail Hakkı Esen. Taşolar and Esen, who shared the drift excitement, greeted the public together with the famous pilots. Sumitomo Rubber AKO Chairman of the Board Toshihiko Komatsu and 26th term Çankırı Deputy Hüseyin Filiz, who participated in the program, also shared the drift taxi experience.

Drift pilots, who returned to the barrels at the zero point, received great applause from the citizens. Speed-loving citizens took photos with famous pilots after the event.

Çankırı Mayor İsmail Hakkı Esen thanked Sumitomo Rubber AKO and Falken drift pilots who always help the people of Çankırı, and mentioned that the International Salt Festival will reach larger masses in the future.